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RES 341 Final Exam

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Part I Classify the following sets of data as qualitative or quantitative.

Qualitative______ 1. The religious affiliations of college students

Quantitative_____ 2. The height of each member of a basketball team

Quantitative_____ 3. Students’ scores on the first statistics exam

Qualitative______ 4. The color of new SUV’s on a car lot

Quantitative_____ 5. The Olympic track and field world records, such as the time for the steeplechase.

Part II Classify the following sets of data as continuous or discrete (integer).

D______________ 6. The number of students enrolled in an accounting class

D_______________ 7. The number of Whirlpool refrigerators sold by Appliance Center last month

C_______________ 8. The acceleration time of an automobile

C_______________ 9. The temperature of a refrigerator

D_______________ 10. The number of people aboard a submarine

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