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HCS 449 Entire Course

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HCS 449 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

What challenges did the health care industry face when you entered the program?

HCS 449 Week 1 Discussion Question 2

What challenges does the industry face now and how will impending factors cause the industry to evolve in the next 5 years?

HCS 449 Week 1 Discussion Question 3

Where will health care be delivered in the future? Are these changes better or worse than current health care delivery methods?


Assessment Activity

As one part of the total program evaluation process, the College of Natural Sciences is interested in knowing about your learning experience in the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration program. As a way to collect data and make improvements to our overall program, we have included programmatic assessment activities that we would like you to complete. This data is strictly confidential and will be used in a cumulative way to evaluate the program and your experience for the purpose of reporting and program improvement. Your input is very valuable to us, so we encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to assist us in our continuous quality-improvement process.

Complete the Week One Assessment Activity by clicking the link on the student website.

HCS 449 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

Research SWOT analysis for professional development. What would a plan to meet the identified needs look like? What are the benefits of this type of analysis?

HCS 449 Week 2 Discussion Question 2

Looking at the program outcomes, how will you assess your personal improvement? What tools will you use to determine your personal growth in the areas of the program outcomes?

HCS 449 Week 2 Discussion Question 3

What is the benefit of a personal reflection? How do you think personal reflection will help with career development?

HCS 449 week 2 Individual Assignment Program Reflection

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Program Reflection located on the student website.

HCS 449 week 2 Individual Assignment Health Care Industry Paper

Resource: Health Care Industry Paper Grading Criteria

Write a 1050- to 1400-word paper discussing the health care industry. Address the following questions:

  • How has health care changed in the last 10 years?
  • What do you think will be the biggest change in health care in the next 10 years?
  • What role do you plan to have in the industry?
  • How will you adapt your skills to evolve along with the industry’s needs?
  • Has your perception of health care changed over the course of your program? What has had the most significant impact?
  • What role will technology play in health care organizations in the coming decade?
  • What financial and economic issues will affect the health care industry in the next 10 years?

Include at least three references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

HCS 449 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

What are some of the benefits of creating a personal action plan? What have you learned about yourself through the process?

HCS 449 Week 3 Discussion Question 2

What continuing-education opportunities currently exist to further extend your health care knowledge in your chosen career or role?

HCS 449 Week 3 Discussion Question 3

Conduct research online about setting goals. What tips did you find that are helpful to you in creating goals?

HCS 449 week 3 Individual Assignment Personal Action Plan

Resource: Personal Action Plan Grading Criteria

A personal action plan is a plan you develop to meet personal goals. This is your chance to look at your personal strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where you can improve. Use these areas to create personal goals. These are goals you want to accomplish regardless of your chosen career. These can be in general areas such as organization and time management, or they can be more specific to your chosen field. For example, you might want to know more about emerging technology in health care or about current legislation affecting health care delivery systems.

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Personal Action Plan.

HCS 449 Week 4 Discussion Question 1

Mandatory DQ: What is the individual’s role in dealing with challenges and trends in health care? How does this role overlap into the community?

HCS 449 Week 4 Discussion Question 2

What are three potential challenges or trends that you’re chosen health care field will likely experience? How will these impact quality of service? How would you strategically handle these issues in your organization?

HCS 449 Week 4 Discussion Question 3

How will potential risk and quality management issues affect the health care industry? What about in your chosen field?

HCS 449 week 4 Individual Assignment Professional Career Action Plan

Resource: Professional Career Action Plan Grading Criteria

In addition to the personal goals you set in Week Three, this week you will be setting professional career goals. These are goals that relate to your chosen career, what type of job you want, and what steps you need to take to secure that job. These include gaining skills to include on your resume and a look at what hiring managers will focus on. You will do a gap analysis, where you identify the skills you currently posses and those you need to posses in your chosen career. This will help prepare you for job searches and interviews.

Review the American Council for Health Care Executives (ACHE) Career Management 101 workshop site. A link is provided on the student website.

Create a professional career plan using the University of Phoenix Material: Professional Career Action Plan Outline.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, based on your action plan outline, addressing the following questions:

  • What are your professional goals?
  • What job do you plan to have in the health care sector?
  • What skills for this job do you currently have?
  • Which skills do you need to change or alter?
  • What is your plan for ultimately achieving these professional goals?
  • What professional organizations can help you achieve these goals?
  • What benefit does your career action plan outline provide?

Include at least four references.

HCS 449 Week 5 Discussion Question 1

Throughout this course you have investigated the changes, trends, and job requirements in the health care industry. What do you see as your role in this evolving industry? What will you bring to this industry?

HCS 449 Week 5 Discussion Question 2

How have your personal and professional goals changed and how have your perspectives on the field changed during the course of your program?

HCS 449 Week 5 Discussion Question 3

What new roles are emerging in the health care industry? Explain the reason for the role, the impact on the organization, the regulatory issues that may be faced, and the competencies needed to maintain the role.

HCS 449 week 5 Learning Team Assignment Case Study Analysis

Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Case Studies and the Case Study Analysis Grading Criteria.

Select a case study to analyze as a team.

Imagine that this scenario happened in your organization and now your team has been assigned to the task force for the strategic planning committee.

Create a presentation of 10 to 15 slides, including detailed speaker notes, for the strategic planning committee. Answer the following:

  • Identify the challenges faced by the health care organization in the case study.
  • Identify strategies that could be used to tackle the conflict.
  • Propose suggestions for how these strategies can be implemented.
  • What role does collaboration have in implementing strategies in the health care industry?
  • What roles do individuals and teams have in this process?
  • Identify any barriers that might arise in the implementation and how will you overcome these as a team.
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