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CGD 318 Week 2 Assignment To Accept or Reject a Client

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To Accept or Reject a Client. A well-known professional baseball player is suspected of having used steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. He has not been charged. His agent asks you to advise and assist him in handling the intense media interest in the case. He wants you to try to place favorable stories about the baseball star in the media and create a positive environment for him. If formally accused, it could mean irreparable damage to his baseball career.

You are not asked to do anything unethical. The money is quite good, and you know the publicity from working on the case will probably help your public relations consulting career, especially if the athlete is exonerated. Would you take the account? The agent tells you confidentially that the athlete has admitted that he took some substance that was unknown to him, but may have been steroids. Does this information affect your decision? What are the ethics of the situation as you see them?

Writeaproposaltoyourbusinesspartnersregardingthesituation. Answeranyquestionsbroughtupinthecase and compare the case to at least one similar case with a well-known ballplayer found through your research. Finally, make a recommendation to your partners as to whether or not you should accept the contract.

Your proposal should be two-to-three pages (not including the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APAstyleasoutlinedintheapprovedstyleguide. Includeatleastonescholarlyresourceinadditiontothecourse text.

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