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ACCT 504 Entire Course + Final Exam

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ACCT 504 Week 3 Case Study 1 Flower Landscaping Corporation

ACCT 504 Week 5 Case Study 2 Internal Control LJB Company

ACCT 504 Week 5 Course Project Draft Spreadsheet

ACCT 504 Week 6 Case Study 3 Cash Budgeting LBJ Company

ACCT 504 Week 7 Course Project JCP Kohls

ACCT 504 Final Exam (3 different sets)

+ Discussions

Financial Reporting Environment and GAAP

Details of Financial Statements and Ratios

Accounting EquationAccounting Cycle

Accrual Accounting and Adjusting Entries

Merchandising Operations and Income Statements

Inventory Cost-Flow Assumptions

Understanding Internal Control and Reporting Cash

Accounting for and Reporting Receivables

Plant Assets and Intangibles

Accounting for Liabilities

Accounting for and Reporting Equity

Statement of Cash Flows

Issues in Income Reporting

Different Tools for Financial Analysis

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